In order to be admitted to the final examination the student must have acquired all the credits envisaged by the Didactic Regulation, with the exception of those envisaged for the final exam itself. The final examination consists in the discussion, in public session, of a thesis of an experimental nature inherent to the themes of the CLM, which makes an original contribution and which has been prepared under the guidance of a supervisor, a professor of the Degree Course, indicated by the student and assigned by the Council of the Master's Degree Course. At the request of the supervisor and/or the student, a co-supervisor may be appointed to support research on specialised aspects. The co-supervisor may be internal or external to the Master's Degree Course, from the same or another university or even from another body relevant to the subject of the thesis, and may also be of non-Italian nationality. The experimental activity contributes to the student's training, consolidating and completing the knowledge acquired during the course of studies, and aims to develop the student's capacity for autonomy, critical capacity in the analysis and evaluation of scientific data, as well as skills in the study of phenomena of geophysical interest.