The course

  • Class: LM-79
  • Location: MESSINA
  • Language: English
  • President: DEBORA PRESTI
  • Access: Free
Career prospects

Role in a work context
This Master’s Degree Course will prepare specialists in Geophysics and Geology playing roles of responsibility in different fields of private and public administrations, such as consulting, academic, government and local State administration. The Course will furnish major skills in the field of seismic risk mitigation allowing the future graduate to work in synergy with Civil Engineers, Land planners, Civil Protection Officers. Based on the existing cooperation and mobility with other Universities of nearby countries, major attention will be paid to seismic risk of the Mediterranean region.
Skills associated with the funcion
This Master’s Degree Course will furnish skills in Seismology and Seismic Risk, by preparing the student on inversion and calculation of seismic parameters, propagation of elastic waves, Earth structure, Seismotectonics, fault rupture models, ground motion simulations, probabilistic and deterministic seismic hazard assessment, site-effects on the seismic motions, tsunami generation, propagation and hazard, and on the disciplines of Soil Mechanics and Dynamics. Application of theoretical concepts will be made through installation and operation of seismometers, processing and interpretation of digital waveforms, training in the monitoring and surveillance activity. The Master Degree Course will allow the student to acquire professional skills in Geology to be used for access to the role of the Senior Geologist according to the Italian law. A main application of the knowledge acquired in the field of Geophysics for Seismic Risk is that related to activity for Protection of Cultural Heritage from earthquakes. The student will acquire the knowledge of the methods useful for estimating the ground seismic oscillation expected at the basis of the cultural good and will join this information with the good vulnerability information obtained with the methods learned through the proper disciplines in the Course. In the framework of different activities, the Course will provide the future graduate with the necessary knowledge to carry out projects in the EC context and to start and conduct private companies working in the fields of geophysics and geology.
Job opportunities
There are several categories of geophysics jobs which can represent a goal of the student of this Master Degree Course, i.e. consulting, academic, government and local State administration. Consulting activity can be performed for Ensurance Companies, Construction Companies, among others. Also, a major goal of the student can be that of accessing the Italian professional role of the Senior Geologist. The student can also look at professional applications of the knowledge acquired in the field of Protection of Cultural Heritage, in the form of consulting or professional contribution in the framework of EC, State, local Institution or Private Projects.

Entry Requirements

Enrollment will be allowed to the candidates having a Bachelor degree (or equivalent) in scientific Courses, with basic knowledge of Earth Sciences. The Council of the Master Degree Course will evaluate for enrollment the curriculum of the candidates. 
English language B2-level based on the European Framework of Reference for Languages is required. More infos at coe site.

Candidates from countries whose official language is English do not need to hold a certificate of English language competence.