Thesis topics

thesis topics















Applied Geology and Land Use

  • Remote sensing for coastal area risk assessment: A case study of Capo Peloro
  • Semi-automatic shoreline extraction from remote sensed imageries
  • Coastline dynamic assessment with satellite imageries: A case study of Capo Peloro
  • Supervised and rule-based image analysis for feature extraction and image classification


Chemical Risk

  • Sustainability indicators for assessment of novel industrial clean technologies
  • Impact assessment of industrial production areas


Environmental Geology

  • S.W.O.T. Analysis: general theory or applied to a specific environmental item (coastal plan, geological hazards, gas and oil)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A.I) in general, or in your country, or for a specific project
  • Strategic Environmental assessment (S.E.A.): in general, or in your country, or for a specific plan
  • Mining plan: in general, or in your country
  • Coastal protection: in general, or in your country
  • Landslide risks: in general, or in your country
  • Rivers and floodings: in general, or in your country
  • Groundwater resource: in general, or in your country
  • Energy resources and environment
  • Effects of Global Climate Change: in general, or in your country, short/long term


Geophysics and Seismic Risk

  • Geophysical methods for characterizing particular geological conditions
  • Applied geophysics measurements at archaeological sites
  • Study of strong earthquakes through the integrated use of geophysical and geological methods
  • Seismic hazard estimates 
  • Joint evaluations of geophysical and geological data for seismotectonic investigations
  • Analysis of seismic sequences for seismic sources characterization 
  • Tsunami hazard assessment


Quaternary geology and active tectonics

  • Active and capable faults in the tectonic puzzle of the Messina Straits (Southern Italy).
  • Fractured pebbles from the Tortonian conglomerates of the Peloritani Mountains (Southern Italy).
  • Fault rock textures in damage zones.
  • As natural tracers of groundwaters may be useful to define underground water flow controlled by extensional tectonics and evidence environmental and health problems.
  • As ERT tomography may be useful to track active faults.


Physics for Cultural Heritage

  • Combining photogrammetric survey and spectroscopy to help the restoration of artifacts.


Physics of Environmental processes

  • Climate change
  • Weather forecast 
  • Spectroscopic techniques
  • Extreme environments 


Specialization on specific topics (e.g., Seismic surveillance, structural geology, geological and geophysical knowledge for Civil Engineering) can be pursued by the student in the framework of the “Student choice activities” and/or “Training course” and/or “Thesis”. In particular, the student can decide to work with the support of Unime teachers and researchers on the topic of seismic risk in his/her country or region of origin.